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Fidelior™ – Enhancing Trust in Scholarly Publishing

Fidelior™ is a digital service that aims to enhance trust in scholarly publishing by providing a solution that tackles the growing problem of predatory journals and questionable publishing.

Predatory publishing creates a challenge for all players in the scholarly ecosystem, from scholars, peer reviewers and librarians to universities, funders and publishers. It presents a real and growing threat to publishing quality and integrity with the potential to create lasting reputational damage for the people and institutions that are impacted.

Predatory Journals

In many cases predatory journals involve low quality research from studies that are improperly designed, that contravene the normal code of ethics, that are conducted without an appropriate peer review, and often with results that are biased, questionable and untrustworthy. The problem exacerbates as these journals start to enter into mainstream publishing through secondary citations, contributing to citation pollution. Although awareness of the problem is growing, the current practice to identify questionable journals is time-consuming, manual and difficult for all.

The Metadatabase Service

Fidelior™ has developed a unique service that can check references across multiple recognised journal sources and flag those that are considered questionable or untrustworthy. Fidelior™’s propriety Metadatabase enables a user to search over 400,000 records and 91,000+ journal titles matched to more than 40 journal sources. The service allows you to quickly scan a manuscript, publication or reference list and receive a report which flags questionable journal titles. The report helps authors, reviewers and editors to make informed decisions, based on their own due diligence assessment, regarding the quality of the references they use.

Fidelior™ is one of the trading platforms for Fidelior Netherlands BV.

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