We enhance trust in
the research ecosystem

Fidelior is a solution to the growing problem of predatory journals and questionable publishing.

The Problem

Inability to trust in all published research


Challenges to scholarly integrity

Academic pressure to publish and produce groundbreaking research has put scholarly integrity at risk from improperly designed studies, ethical concerns, biased results, plagiarism, growing publication costs, unprofessional editorial practices, and a lack of proper peer-review prior to publishing.


Predatory publishing

Predatory publishing creates a challenge for all stakeholders of the research ecosystem. Predatory journals involve low quality research from studies that are improperly designed, contravening the normal code of ethics, conducted without an appropriate peer review, and often with results that are biased, questionable and untrustworthy.


Manual due diligence processes

Society has seen an increased demand for research but research due diligence has remained a tedious, manual process which can’t match the speed of demanded research output. The lack of automation in research due diligence means that many organisations lay the heavy burden on a just a few individuals to manually perform due diligence which is a slow & laborious process.

The Solution


Fidelior is a unique service that can check references across multiple recognised journal sources and flag those that are considered questionable or untrustworthy. Fidelior’s database enables a user to search over 400,000 records and 91,000+ journal titles matched to more than 40 journal sources.

A unique fast, automated and intelligent solution

Fidelior allows you to search our database in advance for trusted sources or quickly scan a manuscript, publication or reference list and receive a report which flags questionable journal titles. Fidelior enables stakeholders of the research ecosystem (e.g corporates, librarians, students, researchers and publishers) to check publications and trustworthy sources quickly and efficiently.