Protect your corporate reputation.

Can you trust your sources? Can you trust their sources?

The value of a report is affected by the quality of the reference material. Manually conducting due diligence on research material is labour intensive, time consuming and slows an organization’s productivity. Fidelior enables organizations to quickly check the trustworthiness of referenced sources and act accordingly. The capacity to assess the sources ensures decisions and actions taken are reliable, ethical, and based on trust. Fidelior gives confidence, credibility and adds value to your organization.

Start with trust.

What is Fidelior?

Fidelior is an automated (rapid) platform that enables users to check the integrity of journals and records. Search on-demand for trusted sources and quickly check articles or papers post-production. Fidelior can generate reports in seconds, these reports flag questionable sources and confirms trustworthy ones. Protecting users from accepting, citing, or basing research on questionable sources.