How can I use Fidelior’s manual interface?

    • You can search by Journal title or ISSN numbers.
    • You can look for an exact match or for broader scope depending on the filter criteria you input.

How can I use automated scanning?

    • Fidelior allows licenced users to upload manuscripts in order for Fidelior to perform the scan.

How to read and interpret a Fidelior report

    • Fidelior scans all sources referenced within a report and matches found are marked either green or orange.
    • Orange provides a warning to a User that potential predatory or dependability issues are linked to a source.
    • Green indicates a source considered trustworthy.

Is my document safe after I have uploaded it onto Fidelior?

    • Yes, Fidelior encrypts information via https protocols and any documents scanned are not stored, Fidelior will deliver a report to the registered email address linked to the account. The Fidelior report does not include the original document that was scanned in order to protect authors, institutions and IP. Fidelior does not store a copy of reports after delivery. Fidelior reports are watermarked, include page numbers, date and features the scanned document title. Fidelior “locks” the PDF report to prevent editing.

What does Fidelior do with my data?

    • Fidelior only stores User’s account and password information for access to the system. No other information of a User is stored. Any handled information is encrypted to protect Users. All data is protected as per industry standards. Fidelior does not store sensitive User information.

How to improve accuracy in your searches?

    • Try and provide as much information as possible when searching a title or ISSN number. The more detail you provide the faster & more accurate the results will be.
    • Post and pre publication reports can be scanned but should the document not be published yet, check spelling to improve accuracy levels. Fidelior does allow for variance in spelling (UK to US English for example) but correct spelling in general helps with faster results.

What do I do when I have not enough report tokens to scan a document?

    • You can top up your tokens via the Fidelior website or by contacting the Fidelior team.