Fidelior™ is launching a digital service that can help address the growing problem of predatory journals and questionable publishing practices. 

Predatory, deceptive, and questionable publishing practices create a challenge for all stakeholders in the scholarly ecosystem, from scholars, peer reviewers, journal editors, and academic librarians to universities, funders and publishers. 

Predatory, deceptive and questionable publishing tarnishes reputations for both academics and institutions. It can lead to the wastage of resources and funding, it affects eligibility for further grant allocations, damages scientific disciplines and misdirects future research.

Although awareness of the problem is growing, the current practice to identify questionable journals is time-consuming, manual and difficult. 

Fidelior™ has developed a unique service that can check citations and references across a variety of recognised journal sources and flag those that are considered questionable or untrustworthy.

It does this through a propriety metadatabase that enables users to search over 274,000 records and 91,000+ journal titles, matched to a growing number of international journal sources. These journal sources include citation indices, national and international accreditation lists, disciplinary journal lists and predatory journal blacklists. 

The use of multiple journal sources allows a Fidelior user, to cross-compare and fill in gaps, providing a better tool to differentiate between trustworthy or questionable journals. A Fidelior™ report can help authors, reviewers and editors to make informed decisions, based on their own due diligence, regarding the quality of references. Access to multiple journal sources and a variety of different types of sources indeed provides a better understanding of journal quality and standing.

Kris Willems, CEO of Fidelior, said: “We are delighted to launch Fidelior™ and to respond to the urgent need to tackle the growing problem of predatory and questionable publishing. We are actively working with stakeholders within the scholarly ecosystem to raise awareness of this issue and to drive collaboration and co-creation of new solutions. Also, we are continuously improving and updating our metadatabase.”

About Fidelior

Fidelior™ is a digital service that aims to enhance trust in scholarly publishing by providing a solution that tackles the growing problem of predatory journals and questionable publishing.

Fidelior™ is one of the trading platforms for Iontaofa Intelligence Ltd, a start-up registered in Ireland with a team of over 12 experts, from Belgium, Ireland, South African and the UK.