Enrico Jacobs is the CEO and a founding father of the Belgium Campus ITversity. He has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneurial academic and academic entrepreneur, spearheading educational innovation and building “Global Competence” skills at the interface of the academic world and society.

Enrico started his career in B2B computer consultancy, indulging his passion for teaching and valorising his ambition in developing new approaches to experiential learning, needed in a rapidly changing and globalising world.

He left for South Africa to establish BC ITversity an modern institution of higher education based on his Participatory Development Model of Education. In addition, he developed a Collaborative Innovation Model for Regional Development which resulted in the creation of Botlhale Village an “Innovation Ecosystem” as an inclusive business model for regional development.

In doing so, Enrico has contributed significantly to the sustainable skill-driven economic transformation and social change in South Africa.