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The scholarly reputation of thousands of academics and institutions is at risk because of questionable publication practices. Our services allow you to check your references, providing insight into potential questionable citations.

Fidelior™ – Enhancing Trust in Scholarly Publishing

Fidelior™ is a digital service that aims to enhance trust in scholarly publishing by providing a solution that addresses the growing problem of predatory journals and questionable publishing practices. Fidelior™ responds to calls from the scholarly community for an automated service that can check and flag questionable references in manuscripts and publications. The digital service searches through uploaded reference lists, matching these with multiple recognised journal sources.


Scholarly integrity has been facing increasing challenges, such as improperly designed studies, ethical concerns, biased results, plagiarism, growing publication costs, unprofessional editorial practices, and lack of proper peer-review prior to scientific publishing. Over the past two decades, there has been a concerning rise in unscrupulous business models related to so-called predatory or deceptive publishing practices. Our observations suggest that combatting these trends is a complex but urgent issue.


Fidelior’s core digital service responds to calls from the scholarly community for a service that can automate searching through a variety of journal sources. The tool enables authors to generate a report that differentiates between trustworthy and questionable journal titles in reference lists of uploaded manuscripts. It allows for either pre- or post-publication analyses and reporting. The report allows authors to make informed decisions on the quality of references used, inviting them to carry out their own due diligence investigation when indicated.


Fidelior offers a unique service that matches journal titles to multiple internationally recognised journal sources. These include citation indices, national & international accreditation lists, disciplinary journal lists and journal blacklists.

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Huffman, J. (2017). Publisher package and open access journals: Are any of them predatory? The Serials Librarian, 73(3–4), 248–268. https://doi.org/10.1080/0361526X.2017.1389796

Your Article, Your Integrity.

The power of unified access to a growing number of recognised journal sources.

Over 2,000 Reports monthly

Fidelior is a unique service that sources from a propriety Metadatabase, enabling automated cross-list search capabilities.

91 000+ journal titles, 400 000+ records!

Access multiple different journal sources, learn more about a journal’s quality.

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